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Kamrock Publishing Affiliate Program

Do you have a finance site with good traffic? Join our program and convert some of that traffic intro extra cash.

Program Highlights:
  • Up to 50% commission on products ranging from $14.95 to over $600.
  • Never expiring cookie (if someone clicks on your link today, and they buy from us 5 years from now, you still get the commission!)
  • Wide range of mortgage related and personal finance products that help mortgage brokers and loan officers start their own business, get the training they need, and make more sales. Books and manuals with information that is highly sought after. See them all here in our bookstore.
  • Proactivly managed program.
  • Professional, eye-catching creatives. See some samples here.
  • As we uncover new techniques, we regularly add new items that you can recommend to your visitors.
  • Products are regularly updated and revised to keep up with changes in laws and best practices of the mortgage industry.
  • PPC affiliates are welcome! was started in 1999 to help mortgage brokers and loan officers. What makes us different from our competition is that we are loan officers ourselves. Everything we sell is used in our own mortgage company on a daily basis.

If it doesn't work for us, we won't sell it.

Our products are a result of hundreds of live tests in the marketplace. We know our stuff works because it has worked for us and continues to do so.

You'll be able to recommend products that range from starting a new company, to getting that first loan, to getting a steady stream of clients. We've been there and we can help your visitors ...and you can make some extra cash!

Email Bob, our affiliate manager: Affiliates [at]

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Just a Few of the Companies That Use Our Procucts

  • Lincoln Federal Savings Bank

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  • Bank of America

  • Allied Home Mortgage Capital

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • National Lending Corporation

  • 1st Metropolitan Mortgage

  • Arbor Mortgage

  • Wall Street Mortgage

  • Grossmont Community College

  • First Security Mortgage

  • Chase Financial Corporation

  • Coldwell Banker

  • CTX Mortgage

  • Southern Utah University

  • Union Savings Bank

  • SunTrust

"Over the last 60 days, you have supplied me with a wealth of information. I have taken the last 2 months off to devise a marketing plan to implement that should totally change my thought process

I truly see myself making a high 6 figure income within 3-4 years, and you have been a driving factor in my thinking. No more roller coaster ride, just steady $$ every month.

Thank you so much for all your help, and I will definitely be a customer for life. This is only a start!!"

Victor 'Scott' Blackburn

"Doing business over the internet is difficult usually with no personal service, however, Kamrock Publishing provided the support and personal service which made this a gratifying experience.

I have no reservation in highly recommending the services of Kamrock Publishing. It is evident that you are committed to your customers and their satisfaction.

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of service and support."

Elijah Graham, Richmond VA

"I am glad that I was able to make the committment to your programs. For my sake, I do hope that not many bankers or brokers buy your systems would make my job tougher to compete. I am the only mortgage banker/broker in my immediate area that truly defines "Amazing Service". Thanks a million.

Michael Locker, Duluth, MN

"Thank you so so much for sharing your experiences for all of us in the mortgage industry. I am a new loan officer, and by reading your materials I know that you have cut years off of my learning curve. All my education is going to come from you because I want to do it right the first time. Thank you for not forgetting where you came from and all the help you offer."
John Torres


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