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The Greed Stimulator  

Here is the special report every mortgage broker must read...

Attention Loan Officers:

"You Too Can Attract 97.3% More Prospects and Make 72.9% More Commission On Each One!"

Would it be ok if you never had to prospect again?

Would it be ok if dozens of homebuyers came to you every month asking for you by name?

Would it be ok if your new clients couldn't help themselves from telling their friends about you?

Would it be ok if your competitors envy you for attracting all their clients?

If so, you need to read this page very carefully.

Abby Kamadia of MoneyTree Mortgage has developed a REVOLUTIONARY NEW MARKETING SYSTEM that can help you attract more clients without doing a lick of work. The system does it all for you.

It's called The GREED STIMULATOR and it's super simple to use. Abby has found a way to pay homebuyers when they buy a house - any house.

That's right; Abby pays homebuyers money simply for buying their dream home. But the BEST part is:

* Not a single penny comes out of his pocket *

and it has nothing to do with the financing. Even if they get financed elsewhere, Abby can still pay them money for buying a house through THE SOURCE. (We'll talk more about this later)

So they come to him first, before going to any other mortgage company. He actually makes a boat load of money doing this.

That is not a typo. In 2004, Abby earned more than $78,352 paying people to buy houses. He did this all by himself, without an assistant! And that is not counting how much he earned in loan fees. And now he is offering to teach YOU his system.

Imagine a super simple, cheap marketing system that allows you to pay homebuyers to buy homes without spending a dime!

How many calls a day do you think you would get?

The GREED STIMULATOR attracts homebuyers to you like ants to a picnic. Give them something they want - MONEY - and they will come to you. They will come by the dozens!!!

* Not only are the homebuyers going crazy over this service, but they can't help but tell their family and friends about it *

The system has three main objectives: 1. generate more loans 2. generate extra income 3. create raving customers fanatical about referring you

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. If you were buying a car and I told you I would pay you $2,000 for doing so, would you take my money? Especially if you could buy any car you wanted, from any dealer, and at whatever price you negotiate with the dealer.

"As a mortgage broker in the highly competitive state of Florida, I needed an edge. I became an Real Estate agent and 1 month later found the Greed Stimulator as the answer to my challenge. The program is simple and realistic. I've started implementation immediately and expect to more than double my production from last year."

Rick Sharp
Tower Mortgage USA
Kissimmee Fl

You would be crazy not to!!!

And that's why Houston homebuyers are flocking to Abby to get their free money. There are no conditions involved or strings attached. All Abby asks is for a chance to get the buyers their mortgage. 90% of them feel so grateful that they get their loan through him.

* He has two streams of income! So he makes money twice on every client *

  • First, when they buy the property
  • Second, when they finance it through him

Even if they have their own mortgage co, that's fine too, because he still makes money. Abby will show you step by step, how to set it up and put it on AUTOPILOT so that the system takes up less than 10 hours a week of your time.

In fact Abby spends less than 8 hours a week on it and earns more than $78,352 a year. And that is not counting his fees from mortgage origination. So can you!!!

* You can duplicate and implement this system in any city across the country *

If there are people buying real estate - residential, commercial, or land, you can make barrels of money with this system. Once you have your system in place, Abby will show you exactly what methods he uses to spread the word about his services. Methods you can duplicate, which will work just as well in your city as they do in Houston, TX. The system has taken over three years to be developed and is really starting to pay off.

In 2005, Abby estimates he will double his 2004 income from the system. That means he will make over $150,000 working only 8 hours a week! No matter how much volume you do now, or what marketing systems you use,

The GREED STIMULATOR will increase you business substantially. It's guaranteed!! We have bought and used all the marketing systems out there, and there is nothing available anywhere comparable to this system. Yet it's so simple, it's amazing that no one has thought of it before.

Until now, and now it is available to! YOU!

You get the entire turn key system! All you have to do is follow the seven steps one by one to increased production. How many more loans a month can you handle? A minimum of 4-5 additional loans a month is common for users of the system. Is it worth your time to spend 8 hours a week to get an additional 4-5 loans a month plus an additional $78,352 a year?

** It is the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN!!

  • YOU WIN, because you get paid when homebuyers buy a house and get a shot at the loan.
  • The HOMEBUYERS WIN because they get several thousands of dollars they otherwise would not get.
  • THE SOURCE of money, which is different in every transaction, WINS, because it got what it wanted.

** Want to know THE SOURCE of the money? ** First let me tell you more about THE SOURCE!

"I am amazed at what is on this. It is by far the best mortgage marketing course I have ever purchased. You really have a great system and most importantly... it is totally DUPLICATABLE! You could have easily charged double the amount for this information and it would still be worth every single penny!"

- Martin Smokes Jersey City

"Abby, Thank you for your email, I did receive your book, and I am implementing your program on a wider scale. I am building a real estate company using this concept. I agree that the consumer does a great deal of the work and gets very little for the realtor in return. My company has been giving money back to our clients since 9/11. I am pleased to implement you system to enable us to do even more. I think your concept is simple brilliant; I expect even more success joining our two programs. Thank you for creating such a powerful concept."
-Colin Watson El Segundo CA

It is NOT a government agency or private company. There are no fees, or qualifying involved. And you don't have to convince the source to give you money or ever give it back.

In 99% of the cases you will not even speak to the source. Nor is it some down payment assistance program. The source is different in every transaction and in most cases has already committed to paying its set amount. And the source cannot stop you from giving the money to the homebuyers, nor does it care.

Nor can it withhold payment from you. The money is available to anyone - no special requirements except that the money will not be given straight to the homebuyers- that's why they need you. In fact, without you, the homebuyers cannot get a single dime. Under no circumstances will the source give the money to the homebuyers directly.

This system overcomes the top two headaches of our business:

  • The hardest part of this business is getting homebuyers to come to you. But since you are giving money away, this has become child's play. The rest of the process is just paperwork. Users of the system love the fact that;

* Customers will seek you out instead of the other way around *

Advertising is the Key! And in order to get people to flock to you, the system includes a whole section on proven, cheap, effective advertising methods. Each advertising method used by Abby is discussed in detail including his commentary on what works and what didn't. He even tells you his mistakes, so you don't repeat them. Those mistakes cost him thousands and he is sharing them with you as part of this system.

  • The second headache we face is converting these homebuyers into your mortgage clients. This is easier than it sounds. It's done by using a simple technique that virtually binds the homebuyers to at least allow you to give them a quote on their mortgage. This technique uses the homebuyers' own natural tendencies to get them to do what we want - give us their loan.
Look at it this way, you will be the first and maybe the only mortgage company these people contact. They come to see you for the free money, but using these techniques you can convince them that you will be handling their mortgage as well. 70% don't question that and don't even shop the loan. 30% need extra persuasion. Realistically you will not get every loan, but you will get most of them and they are people you otherwise would never come into contact with.

"There really is nothing else like this available anywhere. I am amazed Abby has decided to share his processes with anyone!"

- Rick Sanchez - Houston, Tx

With this system:
  • You can literally INCREASE YOUR INCOME AT WILL
  • You will be paying THOUSANDS to homeowners without paying a single penny out your pocket.
  • New clients call you - with NO EFFORT on your part.
  • You can create a steady stream of predictable income as a solid foundation.
  • You'll NEVER WORRY about where the next commission check is coming from again.
  • You'll have more time for your family and yourself.
  • You'll be making more per customer so you can work with less people and still make the same amount.
  • You'll have TWO income streams.
  • You can DUPLICATE the system anywhere in the country
  • You can put it on AUTOPILOT so the system takes less than 10 hours a week of your time

"Please, please, please stop selling this course. I want to start a nationwide company using this program. Your system is out of the box thinking at its best. I've been in this business only 2 months and I got people with A+ credit and million dollar homes calling me for help. Now I'm on the fast track! "

- Douglas Robinson   Springfield

Here Are 38 Secrets to Earning Huge Mortgage Checks With Abby's Greed Stimulator System...

  • Exactly HOW Abby is able to pay homebuyers and put money into his pocket at the same time
  • How you can do the same thing, on a much greater scale if you wish
  • How to convert these homebuyers into mortgage loans- this is the #1 objective of the system
  • How to get the word out about your services cheaply and effectively
  • How to transform your homebuyers into raving fans that do nothing but talk about you and how you paid them to buy a house
  • The intricate details of Abby's remarkable system
  • How you can DUPLICATE the system to work in your own town
  • THE SOURCE of the money paid to homebuyers and how you can just as easily tap this source
  • How the system got started and how it was developed
  • How to get your clients to generate dozens of referrals without you having to ask them to
  • How to tap the homebuyers market in ways you never imagined
  • How to create the system and turn on the AUTOPILOT so you only have to work at it 8 hours a week or less
  • Why you will NEVER have to prospect again
  • How to get homebuyers coming to you telling you to let them fill out a 1003
  • How to generate at least $75,000 in side income
  • How to build a totally loyal client base that grows exponentially
  • What types of buyers to work with and how to distinguish the good from the bad- you won't want to work with all buyers only the most lucrative ones.
  • How RECIPROCITY works in your favor to convert your buyers into loans using their own upbringing to convince them to do business with you.
  • What types of magazines and newspapers to advertise in - the answer may shock you!!!
  • How to get thousands of dollars of advertising FREE for your business- you can use this method over and over again as often as you wish.
  • How to get a professional computer designer to create a multi-page website for you just like you want it for less than $200 - including the domain registration for 2 years.
  • How to manage this website for less than $10 a month.
  • How to drive thousands of people to your site for just pennies a day.
  • How to get your signs posted on the busiest intersections of town, where homebuyers are sure to see them.
  • Learn the advertising mistakes Abby made that cost him thousands so you don't repeat them
  • How to generate an additional $3,000 a month using a part of the system we haven't even talked about.
  • How to get maximum results from the system with minimal efforts
  • How it is possible to manage your time so that implementing the system takes less than 10 hours a week.
  • How to limit your taxes and liability when you start making "real money"
  • How to predict how many clients you will get every month without doing any advertising
  • How to set up your mortgage business so you can sell it at any time, even if you don't own the company you work for.
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of your customers - and it's a lot higher than you think
  • The seven steps it takes to set up the system and have it on AUTOPILOT. In fact step 7 is not even necessary but can generate several thousands more in income for you if you wish to do it.
  • How to interact with clients so that they feel obligated to you and respect your time.
  • Why you don't need any realtors, or any other marketing system again.
  • How the system drives customers to you without using cold calling, direct mail, or any other type of bothersome prospecting tools.
  • How to create business cards that homebuyers and potential homebuyers want to keep
  • How to get your cards to stand out from the rest with one simple technique.

The system is so NEW and REVOLUTIONARY that there is NO COMPETITION!! 

You will be the ONLY mortgage broker in your area providing this service.

And we aim to keep it that way by not selling this system to everyone. We have limited the number of systems to be sold based on an area's population. Only a set amount of systems will be sold in every area.

If everyone did the same thing, it would not be unique or different and would not have nay value. So to maintain the value we pledge not to over saturate any one market.

We have already stopped selling this system in Houston, Texas, and the states of Utah, Alaska, New Jersey, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Missouri. So we cannot take any orders from these places.

Your system will come with your own individual License To Use Agreement. This license allows you to use the system indefinitely.

You are also granted the use of all his ads. You can duplicate them and use them as your own. No need to reinvent the wheel. These ads have already been tested in the marketplace and have shown to work time after time.

By only allowing a certain number of licenses we will have control on the number of people having access to the system.

That is precisely why you must ACT NOW and ORDER TODAY!! Twenty brokers in your neighborhood could be reading this same report right now, and it is only a matter of time before we have to stop selling the system in your area.

Since we are only going to sell a limited number of systems we want to make sure that the people who order it, are people of action.

We don't want someone to order the systems and let it sit on the shelf for 20 years. We want DOERS not dreamers!!

If you are a doer, serious about your mortgage career, then we offer you a DOUBLE your money back guarantee.

"This is phenomenal! This is the 'Holy Grail' I've been looking for. Now I know how to operate my marketing properly. I've been looking for this system for a long time!"

- Charles B. Charlotte NC

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that the system will work for you, that if you order and give it a legitimate shot, we will give you double your money back if it does not work.

That's right. If it doesn't work, we will give you DOUBLE your money back.

To qualify for the guarantee you will have to work the system for at least 6 months. If after 6 months, you cannot say that you earned at least $20,000, just show us some proof that you used the system and we will give you twice your purchase price.

We are putting our money where our mouth is. If it doesn't work for you we lose money. But if you really use the system there is no way it will not work!!!

And in order to guarantee your success even more, we have added some FREE bonuses to the system

Free Bonus #1 - a thirty minute taped interview with Abby Kamadia himself. This no holds barred interview covers all topics of the system and give you the answers straight from Abby's mouth. Some of the questions answered are:

  • How and when the buyers get paid the money
  • How he converts buyers into loans using one simple technique
  • How much a person starting this system can make the first year
  • How much he spends each month on advertising
  • How to start out small with free exposure advertising
  • How long it should take for a new person to get their first homebuyers
  • How to legally keep from having to pay income tax on the money he is given by the source
  • His best most effective method of advertising
  • Why his competition can't hurt him so there basically is no competition

This thirty minute audio tape of the interview is yours free with your system.

Free Bonus #2 - The complete 30 minute interview on paper. We had someone transcribe the entire interview and you will receive this in its entirety so you can read it over and over.

Free Bonus #3 - A catalog of all of Abby's current advertising- his business cards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and signs. With your system you are being given the rights to duplicate and copy these ads and use them to advertise yourself. The ads work and all you have to do is change the name. It has taken 3 years and thousands of dollars to perfect these ads so that they generate the maximum number of leads. They are all yours FREE!

"I have bought marketing systems before that have done nothing but rip me off. Yours delivers what it promises. I can't wait to put it in motion. I am sure it will work!"

- Alva Drake Oklahoma City

To sum up the package:

- The Greed Stimulator Marketing System that makes you invaluable to homebuyers and eliminates the need to prospect again.

- The 30 minute taped interview that shares Abby's personal secrets.

- The 30 minute interview transcribed and on paper.

- A complete catalog of all of Abby's advertising techniques and ads that are proven and are being used in the market today.

- An individual License To Use the system.

- We will rush the system to you using UPS Delivery so you can start right away.

REMEMBER, you can continue to do what you are doing now. This will just add an additional income stream as well as several loans per month. All of this can be yours by ordering now. But only if it is still available in your city. Remember we can not sell an unlimited number of these systems, so to avoid disappointment we urge you to ACT NOW!!!

The Double Your Money Back Guarantee eliminates any excuses you may have. The answer to your prayers for mortgage success is in your hands. It is up to you, to take the next step.


If yes, then you must order now!

Please note: In some states, you will be required to get a real estate salesperson license. That is the only way, legally you would be able to earn money in a real estate transaction. If you currently work with Realtors, they might think you are competing with them. If you are not willing to take this step,

Here are some questions that we sometimes get asked about the system:

Q: How much money does it take to get started and making money? A: As it says above, you probably need a real estate license. That will be your largest expense. The rest is marketing. The more marketing you do the more loans you will have. You will be advertising that you pay people to buy houses. If you were in the market for a house, wouldn't you want more info? Included in the system are examples of how you can use the system without spending anything on marketing.

Q: How long does it take to start? A: If you have a re license, you can start the day you get the package.

Q: What if interest rates go up? A: As long as people are buying homes, this system will work. And the more expensive it becomes to buy a home, the more buyers will respond.

"I wish I had gotten this much sooner. I can't believe how many people are calling me. I have never been this busy. Thank you so much!"

- Santiago Vasos Santa Fe

"Abby, I was doing 1-2 loans a month and barely surviving! Thanks to your system, I took 7 applications this month! They all look like they're gonna close. I can't explain how thankful I am!"

- Richard Schoenfield  Saratoga Springs

Click Here Now to Order...

P.S. Remember this special offer is only for a very limited time...I'm not guaranteeing how long it will last. It could end today. It could be tomorrow.

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Just a Few of the Companies That Use Our Procucts

  • Lincoln Federal Savings Bank

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  • Bank of America

  • Allied Home Mortgage Capital

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • National Lending Corporation

  • 1st Metropolitan Mortgage

  • Arbor Mortgage

  • Wall Street Mortgage

  • Grossmont Community College

  • First Security Mortgage

  • Chase Financial Corporation

  • Coldwell Banker

  • CTX Mortgage

  • Southern Utah University

  • Union Savings Bank

  • SunTrust

"Over the last 60 days, you have supplied me with a wealth of information. I have taken the last 2 months off to devise a marketing plan to implement that should totally change my thought process

I truly see myself making a high 6 figure income within 3-4 years, and you have been a driving factor in my thinking. No more roller coaster ride, just steady $$ every month.

Thank you so much for all your help, and I will definitely be a customer for life. This is only a start!!"

Victor 'Scott' Blackburn

"Doing business over the internet is difficult usually with no personal service, however, Kamrock Publishing provided the support and personal service which made this a gratifying experience.

I have no reservation in highly recommending the services of Kamrock Publishing. It is evident that you are committed to your customers and their satisfaction.

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of service and support."

Elijah Graham, Richmond VA

"I am glad that I was able to make the committment to your programs. For my sake, I do hope that not many bankers or brokers buy your systems would make my job tougher to compete. I am the only mortgage banker/broker in my immediate area that truly defines "Amazing Service". Thanks a million.

Michael Locker, Duluth, MN

"Thank you so so much for sharing your experiences for all of us in the mortgage industry. I am a new loan officer, and by reading your materials I know that you have cut years off of my learning curve. All my education is going to come from you because I want to do it right the first time. Thank you for not forgetting where you came from and all the help you offer."
John Torres


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