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I love all the information that I have received from you. It has helped me so much and has given me some great ideas. I am 4 months new to the business and I already know that I will be doing this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for sharing all you have. I would like to know when the Jump Start Your Career materials will be ready for I am very anxious to start.

Many Thanks

John Torres


Thank you so much for making this information available. I have only been in the business for a month and your book, So You Want to be a Mortgage Broker along with the archives have really helped me gain a broader understanding of the business and what to expect. The opinions of others in the business has also proven valuable. Training is to most important task when embarking on any new adventure. I look forward to purchasing your other books in addition to receiving the credit secrets information. I know that I'm in a very lucrative career and with your help I'm sure that I will attain the financial success that I dream of!!!


Benita Moore

We used to send a mortgage marketing newsletter by email whenever there was something important to say. But too many people were asking for back issues and it became more of a pain than a help. So we put them all on this site. By subscribing to our Archives pages, below, you can read all the newsletters, all on one page.



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